Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Parents and Carers,
Tonight following the Prime Minister’s address and with information from our Director, Dr Sally Towns, we have moved to restricting school access to necessary attendance from tomorrow. If you are working and have no other source of alternative care we are open for your children. All staff with school aged or younger children will begin to work from home tomorrow.
All blended learning will be available for every student with staff available for daily contact and support.
These are certainly interesting times! Please stay in contact and share your learning at home photos.
God bless, Therese.

Update from Principal Therese Seymour (25 March). All previous letters and information can be found on our Recent Notes page of our website. Updates from the Catholic Schools Office will also be provided via the Catholic Schools Office website. To assist in explaining COVID-19 to students you may find this explanation for children helpful. For information on Masses please visit our Parish website.

Beginning of year Mass

Our school year has commenced with a beautiful Mass where we welcomed our new students. Families and friends joined us in celebrating a “Leap of Faith” for 2020, taking on new challenges and embracing our faith. Our Year 6 students also received their leadership badges.