Enrichment at St Joseph’s Alstonville offers a range of services including supporting students with additional needs, creating opportunities to extend students in areas where they display proficiencies and supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of all the students.

Additional Needs Teacher

The Additional Needs Teacher works collaboratively with all members of St Joseph’s staff in the areas of curriculum, organisational and interpersonal practices to support the students with additional learning  needs. Part of this role is to:

  • Develop an operational plan that matches the allocation of Commonwealth funding with the needs of the school.
  • Provide a referral process and feedback reports to teachers following observations and assessment of children’s learning needs.
  • Keep appropriate digital and paper filing systems and student records.
  • Communicate with staff, parents and outside professionals about students additional needs on a consistent basis.

Enrichment Tutors

Our Enrichment Tutors enthusiastically support their stage team to:

  • Implement learning support programs as part of the classroom program.
  • Regularly monitor and record student progress.
  • Communicate regularly with stage team and enrichment co-ordinator about student progress.

Student with Additional Learning Needs Identification Process

Our school uses a thorough process for identifying students with learning needs. Parents with concerns about their students learning should first make an appointment with their students teacher to discuss their concerns.

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Intervention programs

EMU (Extending Mathematical Thinking)

EMU is a research-based intervention program developed by Dr Ann Gervasoni of Monash University. It has been shown to improve children’s knowledge and confidence with mathematics. The program offers intensive learning opportunities for students who are experiencing difficulty in learning  mathematics in the early years and beyond.

STAR (Succeeding Together as Readers)

STAR is an intensive reading intervention program. It is not a remedial reading program. STAR assists in improving  students’ ability to read and comprehend text. STAR supports early readers by providing them with regular, intensive reading instruction in a small group setting. In each STAR session there are six components including familiar reading, shared reading, reading to children, teaching of conventions, spelling and introduction to new text. Students are engaged in quality, carefully planned, explicit reading instruction with a focus on regular assessment to ensure timely intervention and individual attention to each student’s needs.

Enrichment Maths

Maths Olympiad  The Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO) is a not-for-profit, professional organisation that offers a range of mathematical competitions for students aged from around 8 to 14. The programs are unique in that they focus on the students’ ability to solve mathematical problems in a creative manner – as opposed to simply reaching a solution using a prescribed method.