Junior Joeys

Junior Joeys is a free Kindergarten transition program for children getting ready for big school.

Our Goal: To provide an opportunity for children getting ready for big school to interact in a variety of social and educational experiences in a structured and fun learning environment.


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Junior Joeys offers a variety of learning opportunities through the early  introduction to the school setting and familiarisation with school routines and environments. This is achieved through:

  • Exposure to social interactions with other preschool aged children and older students through our Better Buddies program. 

  • On going development of fine motor skills, through art and crafts activities; group activities playing games; participation in music and dance activities and a range of gross motor and outdoor skills.

  • Exposure to a literacy skills such as storytelling, and sequencing; numeracy concepts such as numbers, matching, sorting and shapes; learning technologies such as interactive whiteboards and iPads; themed days that encourage creative and imaginative play; science based activities that encourage inquiry learning and creative thinking.

Testimonials from parents

What do you think your child gained from the program?

  • “Definitely meeting some friends that will be in the same class; more interaction and being socially prepared for school. Knows what to expect when starts school, not so daunting.”

  • “I think she will now feel a lot safer starting school next year after spending so much time there already and learning about what kind of things she will be doing.”

  •  “A thirst to learn more.”“Confidence, friendships and an understanding of the school rules, systems and expectations.”

  •  “His writing has already improved and he is excited to start school.”

  •  “I think he is following directions better, his writing (tracing) is improving. He is very excited about starting school now.”

  •  “Ready for Big School now!”