The Learning Assistance Program or ‘LAP’ offers additional support to students. LAP offers something different for each individual child by offering individual time and mentoring with a caring adult.

The program facilitates the learning of each student by:

  • providing a range of experiences and activities based on particular needs and interests within a positive, affirming context.
  • fostering effective social interaction.
  • encouraging good communication.
  • providing positive learning experiences.
  • promoting a strong sense of self-worth.

The program for each child is developed to ensure that each student’s individuality is recognised and celebrated, through considering the diverse background, different needs and interests, and different learning style of each child.

The Learning Assistance Program:

  • provides the opportunity for each child to establish a positive rapport with a trusted adult.
  • offers valuable 1:1 interaction for one hour each week.
  • embraces the child’s interests in a relaxed and non-competitive environment.
  • ensures success and a sense of achievement at the child’s level.
  • develops a sense of continuity and belonging in the school community.

Throughout the year, LAP continues to provide a meaningful way for parent and other adult volunteers to participate in the support of our students by bringing their individual skills and talents to enrich the lives of our children. The students, volunteers and teaching staff work as partners in student learning. Some of the fabulous learning experiences have included: fishing expeditions; making dolls and sewing dolls’ clothes; constructing medieval swords and shields; making many and varied culinary delights; creating woodwork masterpieces including plaques, coffee tables, shelves and boxes; making papier mache dinosaurs, and learning different kinds of knitting. The learning is  wide and varied,  tailored to the interests and needs of each student and the interests and talents of their tutor – and the students  just love it!