Road Safety

There are several options for getting your child to and from school: Drop off in car pick up, walking and buses. The area around our school is very busy at this time and safety is of the utmost importance. Please follow the procedures in place for the safety of all our children and staff.


If your child is catching a bus they will need to have filled out paperwork for the bus company they will be travelling with.  Apply for a bus pass online at You can find out more in the “Rural and Regional School Travel” document from Transport NSW.

If your child is new to catching the bus and they do not know anyone else catching the bus, please let the school know and we can arrange a bus buddy for them. Infants children are walked up to the bus each afternoon by a teacher. Please make sure the class teacher is aware of your child‘s bus and routine so they are where they should be, young students often forget. Bus lines are outside the church and children should wait with their bus line until the teacher on duty walks them up to their bus.


Walking is an option if children live close enough to walk to and from school. Please talk to your child about road safety and crossing at the appropriate crossings. Children under the age of 8 have not developed their peripheral vision yet and should always cross the road with adult supervision. It is a good idea for your child to walk home with a trusted adult or older sibling until they can cross road safely. If students are riding bikes or skateboards we insist they wear a helmet.


If you are coming to pick your child up please park at the side of the school. Parents are asked to wait at the car pick up area. All students (not catching buses) will be walked to this area for collection.


Behind the back of the school near the Kindergarten rooms is a car pick up area. This is supervised by several teachers (afternoon only) and is an easy and effective way of picking up and dropping off your child. Please note that you are not allowed to park or get out of your car in this area during the pick up and drop off times. Children will wait on the silver seats until they see your car and then they will be instructed to walk down to you. Children must be able to get into the car by themselves and put on their own seatbelt. Please note that the car pick up line can be long but moves very quickly and efficiently when people work together and if it is raining this is a good option. Please do not block the entry to the Police Station while waiting.


The 40km/h school speed zones operate across NSW at all school sites on gazetted school days (including school development days). Motorists should drive no faster than 40 km/h through school zones. Most school zones operate from 8 to 9.30am and from 2.30 to 4pm on gazetted school days. Visit Transport NSW for more information.

A copy of St Joseph’s Road Safety School Management Plan can be downloaded here.

A copy of Transport NSW Keeping Our Kids Safe Around Schools document can be downloaded here.

Visit Safety Town to learn more about road safety and help educate your children.