Reading Writing Arts Festival

Joeys Reading Writing Arts Festival has been a tremendously exciting experience for students and staff alike! We have learnt that everyone has a story to tell and that story-telling can take many forms. We have even more great events and activities still to come!

Writing inspiration – right there in the library!

Many famous faces joined us on Family Day.

Only skeleton staff on duty on our first day.

Drama time with Miss Kearney.

Exploding stories using Merge Cubes!

“Chalk” by Bill Thomson inspired our drawing.

Writing … everywhere!

Thing 1 & 2 (squared)!

Dancing and sign language in the dark!

Story stones

Family Day …dress up as your favourite story character.

Feeling dramatic re-enacting Titanic!

Even the big kids got into the chalk!

Family Day stone art.

More drama queens … having a rest!

First Family Day for Kinder (sadly no families could come).

Tote bags for all of our students and staff to add to the festival experience.

Writing inspiration from our visiting authors.

It’s all about collaboration.

Family Day …the best day of the year!

Go go gadget paint brush!


Virtual author visits #2020


Face-to-face author visits!


Wall to wall authors in our library!


You don’t need words to tell a story!