Staff Contacts

Staff MemberĀ 



Mrs Therese Seymour Principal
Miss Kasey Miles Assistant Principal (Learning and Teaching)
Mrs Lisa Donohoe Additional Needs Teacher/Early Stage 1 Teacher
Mr Liam Stephenson Early Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs Tahnee Miller Early Stage 1 Teacher
Mrs Lisa Knight Early Stage 1 Enrichment Tutor
Mrs Roslyn McElligott Stage 1 Teacher
Miss Jenna Gauci Stage 1 Teacher
Mr Victor Murgha Stage 1 Enrichment Tutor
Miss Amelia Kearney Stage 1 Enrichment Tutor
Miss Jessica Fitness Stage 2 Teacher/Sport Co-ordinator
Miss Linsey Macdonald Stage 2 Teacher
Mr Daniel Prentice Stage 2 Enrichment Tutor
Mr Phil Crosby Stage 3 Teacher/Leader of Catechesis
Miss Julia Boyle Stage 3 Teacher/Leasder of School Evangelisation
Mrs Carissa McCall Stage 3 Teacher
Miss Meghan Kingsford Stage 3 Enrichment Tutor
Mr Grant Sutherland Stage 3 Enrichment Tutor
Mrs Anna Moloney RFF & STEM
Mrs Dana Crosby RFF & STEM
Mrs Ofunneka Anyanwu Wellbeing
Mrs Lyn Rowling Wellbeing
Mr Peter Slattery Wellbeing
Mrs Tanya Pagotto Administration
Mrs Patricia Steele Administration
Ms Emma Thrum Canteen Manager
Mr John Fivaz Uniform Shop Manager
Ms Ros Kingsford Library Manager & Technology Officer