STEM Immersion Day

Students from our school recently gathered with students from Woodburn and Coraki for a STEM Immersion Day. Thanks to a grant from the Catholic Schools Office (attained by Mrs Anna Moloney) students experienced a myriad of activities across the 3 campuses. Staff developed their professional learning as they experienced new digital technologies.

Kindergarten students played barrier games using logical thinking and communication!

Stage 1 students coded with BeeBots.

Planning a path for the BeeBot.

Stage 3 students needed to think and plan before their challenges could start!

Augmented reality using Google Cardboard and refurbished iPhones made for exciting experiences for Stage 3.

Stage 3 planning!

Stage 3 testing their co-ordination skills with Drones.

Kindergarten coding with Lego!

Sphero challenges kept Stage 2 entertained and thinking!

No technology needed here just lots of algorithmic thinking by Stage 1.

Kindergarten used pattern matching to develop their logical thinking.