Vision Statement

St Joseph’s Alstonville maximises the potential learning capacity and success of individual students in a Christ-centred, nurturing environment.

We achieve this through an engaging, collaborative learning journey to which all members of the school community are committed and all contributions are valued and respected.

Learning capacity

Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville we maximise the learning capacity by:

  • Ensuring all are involved in our school community.
  • Developing a learning environment to assist all students to be successful.
  • Utilising the talents of all the community
  • Learning from each other.
  • Providing opportunities for all to participate.


Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville we display success through:

  • Discovering the potential within.
  • Using indicators of success.
  • A focus on results improvement.
  • Goal setting to monitor improvement.
  • Communicating success.
  • Being open to change our approach to ensure individuals can achieve.

Engaging, collaborative learning journey

Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville we display an engaging, collaborative learning journey through:

  • All being engaged in learning together (staff, students and parents).
  • Being focused on the whole child, not just the academic performance.
  • Having links to preschools and establishing Junior Joeys.
  • Having constant conversations about best practice through rich curriculum.
  • Using modern methods like open classrooms, team approaches and inquiry learning.
  • Having professional learning teams, embedded in the Contemporary Learning Framework.
  • Taking up the invitation to work together(Staff, students and parents).

 All members of the school community

 Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville all members of the school community include:

  • Staff, students and parents.
  • The wider parish community.
  • Parish Priest.
  • Playgroup.
  • Aspect.
  • Other schools eg Trinity, Woodlawn.
  • Volunteers.
  • Organisations and personnel in the wider community.
  • Catholic Schools Office Lismore.
  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP) tutors.
  • Welcoming all other visitors.


Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville we display commitment through:

  • Agreed expectations for consistency of standards.
  • Understanding it is a partnership between home and school.
  • Respect of the Catholic ethos.
  • Mindfulness of our own role in 21st Century learning.
  • Celebrating our commitment.
  • Student ownership of their learning and behaviour.

Contributions valued and respected

Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville we display a value and respect of contributions through:

  • Raising our expectations.
  • Continuous and open communication.
  • Listening to all stakeholders.
  • Keeping all interactions positive and respectful
  • Giving people a voice in many roles (PSF, class parents, volunteers, LAP volunteers, parishioners).

Christ centred, nurturing environment

Here at St Joseph’s Alstonville we display a Christ centred, nurturing environment through:

  • Making Jesus Real
  • Sacramental programs
  • Meditation
  • Behaviour Benchmarks of Safety, Effort, Respect & Self Responsibility
  • Anti-bullying policy
  • Pastoral Care Policy
  • Wellbeing focus
  • Seasons program
  • Religious Education Key Learning Area
  • Church/liturgies/Prayer
  • Special celebrations
  • Better Buddies program
  • Retreat days
  • Parent Assembly
  • Learning Assistance Program
  • Social Justice group
  • Mini Vinnies
  • Acts of Kindness