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We can’t stress enough, how important it is to take the time each week to read the Newsletter. There is nothing more disappointing than children not being prepared for special days, events or excursions because somebody at home didn’t remind them. We often see children trying to pretend it is no big deal that they are in uniform on mufti days, or they continually haven’t returned the note for an excursion or they don’t have any family join them on a special STEM day or they don’t have money for the Mothers’ Day Stall. Often, this responsibility for not remembering falls on the student but it would be helpful if somebody at home could remind them too. Please take the time to read the Newsletter and put the necessary dates on a calendar. The Newsletter, updates or changes are all sent via your nominated email, so maybe take time to check you have updated this, if you have not been receiving this weekly email. Class Dojo and Facebook are also used to send reminders to assist you.


Sacrament of Confirmation

Congratulations to our students who were recently Confirmed. Students participated in Formation Day and met with Bishop Homeming, just prior to the Confirmation service. Formation Day gave all candidates, which included those from the wider Alstonville Wardell Parish community, the opportunity to learn more about this sacrament in a fun day of hands on activities, games and prayer. The candidates were joined later in the day by St Joseph’s Year 3 students who also participated in activities and shared a sausage sizzle lunch.

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