Indigenous Culture


Jingi Walla ( Jin-gee-wah-la ) Hello….

As we journey on this land of the Bundjalung Nation on which St Joseph’s stands, we pay our respects to the Elders – both the past, present and emerging leaders of the Bundjalung Nation. We acknowledge and respect their culture, their heritage and their beliefs as stewards of the land, sea, earth and heavens, animals and vegetation.

The Community Partnership Agreement is an agreement between the staff of St Joseph’s Primary School Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students and their parents, caregivers and families. We acknowledge the Bundjalung People as the traditional owners of the land on which the school is based. We agree to work together so Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students have the best start in life. Students’ talents and abilities should be fully developed so that they achieve at school to the best of their ability. Students will receive a quality education, feel supported at school and home, and be proud of their identity and culture. Our primary goal is that students will complete their Primary School Education to the best of their ability, successfully transition to High School, and continue their education to the highest possible level. Indigenous identity and culture will be valued and recognised. We will work together to make connections and develop relationships with Indigenous Services and community members to inform, support and connect our students, families and school.